Letter to my son

Dear son,

You are now a Terrific Two! A whole two years of existence.

You came into my life and changed my world. The first fruit of my womb. Turned it in more ways than I can imagine. It is said life begins at 40, so what a joy to start a new life at 40! From the first minute you came into the world, you silently whispered “we are in this together”. While I could not hold you for some time, I said a prayer “Lord I need to bring up this boy”. I don’t know if I fell in love or grew in love, long before I saw you. Knowing you were forming in a world I could not see, yet the growing bump was evidence that there is a life coming up shortly! The bump did not grow fast enough for me to get…you know those social privileges of not queuing … I am not complaining.

We walked, we shopped, we planned, we prayed, we played. Then you came, and life has never been the same again.

You were an energetic boy from the word go. You fought the nurses who tried to put some sharp needle in your little arm. I recall asking the nurses why they took too long and the response “He was really fighting us” and I said (silently) “Yes! That is my boy”. Sometimes you got to fight for your space. It is called claiming rights.

We started the journey together, trial and error. Me feeling clumsy and you making your demands as need be while being cooperative. You rarely cried loudly, more like complaining. Sometimes I had to remind people “he is crying” as your complaints were never too loud. We tried! You never fell off from the basin in the process of trying to take a bath or such. Eventually we figured it much better and I feared dropping you less. We had many family and friends, many, many, people in our lives from the word go. Friends and family who waited as you came into the world, well, waited long before you came into the world.  We kept welcoming visitors into the house.

A day passed, then another, and soon we were out of hospital. A week passed. Then another week passed. Soon we were counting a month. Then another week passed and another month passed. Before I knew it you were one year old! We really celebrated, you also did! You celebrated. And now before we know it, you are terrific two. With loads of energy. Happy and playful. You are a delight.

You grew day by day, learning a new skill every day and demonstrating it. You warm my heart every day even when I am far away working. You have brought joy in my life, my family, my friends. You have taught me many things. You have taught me the language of love, that even when you cannot say a word, you can communicate love.

You taught me patience.

You taught me perseverance.

I learnt that, there is just a little bit more energy to rise up. Like practically! The times we had few hours of sleep. I would put my head on the bed and just hope you are going to sleep for some hours as I had no energy left. Then you cry, and I had a little bit more energy.  Sometimes we think we are done, but in the reserve there is some more energy that we can tap into something more, that we have.
Of course with you came the necessary visitors and employees in the house! The house manager became a constant factor. I have stopped analyzing how many we have had, or why they had to go. I learnt to release and let go, get a new one and start the training afresh.

All in all, it has been quite a journey and I look forward to many more joyous years ahead. You have a long life ahead of you, may all your steps be filled with God’s graces. May you find God in all things.

Life will always bring many experiences in your life, great, good, bad and awful, but no matter what happens may you look ahead in life with a smile on your face and look back with fondness in your heart. That laughter and smile that you have, may it never diminish.  I wish you endless joy in life. I am grateful every day that you came into my world. Your smiles and laughter are a balm to my heart. You have brought nothing but happiness into my life.

What I know for sure

Is that I will love you all the days of my life. No matter what happens or what decisions you make in life I will always love you.

What I know for sure, Is that there is life opening up with opportunities.


Loving mama
 I am the child of the universe, striving to leave foot prints, however faint they seem. A step at a time.
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