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Multiple roles, one soul

“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing”. Ricki Lake
It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Sundays mornings are usually beautiful. Serene. It is like the weather knows it is a Sunday and even if it rains, the day has a sunny demeanor. May be because there is less traffic in Nairobi. Less pollution unless you neighbor some Church with blaring noise.I have never understood why they do this. The megaphones outside the Church preaching to everyone who is not interested in the preaching. Anyway, as usual, I had plans to start the day with Sunday Mass, but his plans…well he had different plans. I ended up spending part of the Sunday Mass time outside the Church when my terrific two son decided there was more interesting stuff outside. Despite the accommodating section for lactating mothers and young babies in the Church, he was uncooperative.
“Enough is enough.” He said …through tantrums.
He wanted to play, not pray. Sometimes, most times, he is more cooperative. To be fair to h…