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(Young) women urged to take up politics

Artcle published by Daily Nation on November 3, 2010
Women should not wait to be invited to the political table. They have to pull up a chair and take a seat, two women’s leaders asserted on Tuesday.
Sophie Ngugi and Maria Okong’o said the new Constitution has given birth to a new Kenya and offered women the opportunity to become political actors like never before.
Ms Ngugi, executive director of the Young Women’s Leadership Institute and Ms Okong’o a programme manager with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), delivered this message at the National Young Women’s Forum at Ufungamano House, Nairobi. FES is a German political foundation that promotes democracy in Kenya.
Said Ms Ngugi: “There is affirmative action in the Constitution,” referring to the clause that guarantees women at least one-third of all elected or appointed posts in government.
Proactive roles
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