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It is good for Wanjiku, it is good for Kenya

It is said of any Constitution that “if it is appropriate for women, it is appropriate for the Nation”. I could not have put it better – And so, granted your cheerful endorsement, I now stand with you to say, that the draft Constitution “is appropriate and good for our Nation”.

These were the words of Hon Mutula Kilonzo (Minister for justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs) while endorsing the proposed constitution during the Women’s National Conference which was held at Bomas of Kenya on 30th April 2010.
The constitution debate has been rife in Kenya creating discord, emotional out bursts while many feel at long last here is a beacon of hope for Kenyans. Today I woke up thinking, ‘seven days to go then what? The debate on the proposed constitution has taken many twists and turns with each side pulling and hoping that it carries the day. On my part I am optimistic that come August 5, we will have a new constitution, and I have my reasons for supporting this.
While the d…