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Reflection: When Kenya unites!

The last few weeks have been crucial for Kenya and for the whole world, attention has been directed in one place where ‘all action is’- The London Olympics. This is one event that Kenya looks forward to since we have made a name through talented youth athletes who have over time continued making Kenya proud. This year’s Olympic games have been a bit of a disappointment for Kenyans since our athletes do not seem to be getting as many medals as anticipated. However we (Kenyans) managed to get several medals and recognising some individuals and the team work with ‘TeamKenya’ becoming a common phrase in the social media. While many were not able to physically join the Kenya House in London joined it though social media. The talk in the social places, work places was Olympics! The gold medals seemed elusive and Kenyans were yearning for them. Ezekiel Kemboi won Kenya's first gold medal in 3,000-meter steeplechase much to the rejoicing of Kenyans. However spirits were low as the run…