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Christ is born, the season is here

I am not sure why, but I am looking forward to this Christmas season. What is special about Christmas? Why the joy that seems to bubble out of the seam of our hearts? For some it is because this is the end of year. We are thankful that the year is coming to a close and cannot wait to get some rest and conclude chapter 2012. In Kenya it is common for many organisations and businesses to close for this break for about two weeks, whether as a break or compulsory leave days for all staff. Whatever the case, many would rather take leave days at this time of the year than be working. We want to celebrate, visit places and simply do those things we may have looked forward throughout the year. For some Christmas places are decorated, presents bought and go into great length to connect with family and friends. The essence of Christmas for Christians is that we commemorate the birth of Christ. One of verses in the old testament that is likely to be read in many Churches this season declares …