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The elasticity of the human will

Sometimes I go through some experiences that make me feel like giving up and flowing with the tide, not a positive tide but the “I give up, life is unfair” tide. I guess any ‘human’ human being gets to that point at one time or the other, some more often than others. Moments when life is throwing to us so much that we feel “can’t take it anymore”. It reminds me the theory of elasticity as used on objects in physics; different subjects like economics define ‘elasticity’ in different ways. I especially like the physics definition of elasticity. According to Wikipedia encyclopaedia (or stretchiness) is the inherit property of a body which tries to regain its original shape after removal of its shape by applying any force on it. I have been reflecting on this as regards human beings and the experiences people face.

Towards the end of December 2011 as usual I embarked on my ‘monthly’ purchase of books for January 2012. (Ideally monthly but this never happens as I get excuse to purchase mo…