So what is really NEW?

As we ‘jumped’ the year and bid goodbye to 2015, I kept thinking, so what is new? Yes, we are crossing to 2016, but so what, what is NEW? Or have I become a pessimist? I started seeing ‘new year’ messages as early as 20th day of December 2015. I wondered if people are more optimists or taking much for granted, I mean some people died at 11.59pm on Dec 31.  I then started wondering why Christmas messages have to be tied with New Year; “Merry Christmas and a happy New year”.  May be it is the optimism that one will see a new year, and the anticipation. 12 months is a long period, and hence the much hullabaloo about a new year more than a new day or a new month. I saw comments on people getting quite annoyed at ‘happy new month’ comments…may be we may as well stick with New Year! At least a year is an assurance that you will have (or celebrate) a birthday, even those born on February 29. By the way how do you count your birthday when there is no leap year?

A new year is a time to look back on a year that has passed and forward to another year. We all start the year with optimism and believe that it will be a better year. Looking back in 2015, I reflect on which were my “moments” in the year for life is made of moments. It was an interesting year for me as I was back on my feet after being immobile from ankle fracture from August 2014. It really feels nice when you can wake up and go where you want at your own free will not waiting for someone to ferry you. I had never thought this as an issue, until I could no longer do it. I can only praise God for good health and the blessings that I barely notice.

One of the greatest milestones I made in 2015 was to move house. Yes move house!  Like move house and locality. That was a big deal for me because I hate moving! I had avoided moving houses despite several attempts where I concluded “not good enough house”. I had enough reasons to contemplate moving since mid-2014 but I needed “time”. A first I could not move since I was working in South Sudan, the neighborhood was quite safe so I comfortably left my house for three months without any incidence. “I will move when I am back in Kenya” I concluded.

In October, I got a job in Kenya so now that was no longer an issue. I was back in Kenya…but still… It was a process, thinking and rethinking then waiting for a more opportune moment. At last I concluded I will move when my ankle was fully healed! My neighborhood had become congested with time and Thika road traffic was not letting up despite having persevered for 10 years (in the same house!).  One day I woke up and could not leave the parking for about 45 minutes as my car had been blocked by an arrogant neighbor who did not appreciate being woken up from his beauty sleep!  With recuperating ankle, just barely out of crutches public transport was not an option for me as I would have had to change vehicles and walk. That was not viable. By then I was driving with some pain so I also needed to leave house and office before traffic snarl. I was late to work. I got caught up in traffic so driving became a hard task. That day I made up my mind to move. I contacted some agency and the following day accompanied by a friend I went hunting for a house, identified one that I immediately liked, met with landlord the same evening and planed my move in a week’s time! Just like that.

That experience with parking was God-sent. It catapulted me to make a decision and pursue it. I am very glad I did. There are many moments in life when I am hesitant to make a leap, to change, to make a decision to pursue a goal as uncertainty keeps me away.  I end up stuck on the same spot or not reaching for higher goal. Sometimes I have had the jerking moment that throws me off balance and force me to make a decision.

My desire this year is that I will jump and take a leap sooner and dare to reach out before I am thrown off the cliff to act. I pray that, this is what will be NEW for me this year. This year is definitely a very special one for me!

Happy 2016.


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