Rejoicing in the global Sisterhood

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey 

Last Sunday I had one of those moments that many questions linger and bother. In the process of trying to separate issues I felt down and I was not ready to share with anyone. ‘Unfortunately’ (and very fortunately) a sister of mine started chatting me and I found myself sharing a lot with her. There is something amazing about sisterhood, you know that there is this lady or these ladies whether you share blood relation to or not that you can easily share with and count on their support no matter what. That person who tells you “I am not tired of listening” I feel I am among the lucky women since I have several such sisters! My first experience of sisterhood is in my family, as I grew up. I recall my eldest sister, (RIP dear Jane) and how she ensured I was socialised as a young girl in work and play. While she was a disciplinarian, she also spoilt me especially in the garden where we each had a section to dig. This was one task that made me wish I can go to ‘child labour activists’. I would look at my share and wonder if I could weed or dig it in one year. She ensured that I got the space next to her and several steps ahead she would start digging my space and her space! It was a relief that when I was lagging behind I could suddenly exclaim” my portion of the land has dug itself” and go back to rest.

My mother has given me two more blood sisters; I am blessed to have them and I would not give up for anything in the world. There are many incidences of small gestures that I still recall from my blood sisters and feel very lucky to have them. They are there for me in more ways than I can count! I am also blessed to have several brothers and as a result sisters-in-law. In addition, there are many sisters that my mother did not give birth to, but as I grow up I have met many friends, girls who have ended up being sisters to me in every way. I can recall from childhood, some girls who were there for me, and throughout my teenage and now adult life. When I reflect on sisters that I have met along the way, I lack words to express just how lucky I am to have every one of them. Some of the sisters no longer hold the bond, but they were there for a time, for some season and left a mark in my life! The interesting thing is that if I try to see what I share with them, I won’t find much. It is not age as some are many years older than me or many years younger than me; neither is it tribe, nor religion nor education status, nor... All we share is sisterhood! Those deep love, that is only reserved for sisters and makes us feel safe with each other.

Today I celebrate all my sisters. 
The sisters who have laughed with,
  And tickled me when I was not ready to laugh,
The sisters who have cried with me,
                                           and listened without asking questions. 
Sisters who have celebrated with me, 
And given me a pat on the back even when I didn't think I deserved one, 
Sisters who have listened to me, 
And carried my burden to heart. 
Sisters who have challenged me to reach my full potential, 
and loved me with my imperfections. 
Sisters who have allowed me to say “I have messed again” 
And not judged me. 
Sisters who have supported me in thick and thin, 
And reminded me they are there. 
Sisters who with a smile have used their resources, 
Their time, their money, their emotions, 
And never sent me ‘IOU’ note. 
I dedicate to all my special sisters, 
Who have been in my life at one time or the other, 
I pray I have been a good sister too... 
At least sometimes!
 For the sisters I have spent time with, 
Or just chatted with, For those I have met, 
And for those I have not met physically; 
The sisters that we have shared deep secrets, 
May you be blessed in abundance! 
I celebrate you!


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